Most Popular Cartoon Cakes Online for Children

Aug 24 , 2020


Durgesh Mishra

Most Popular Cartoon Cakes Online for Children

Making any occasion mesmeric, a cake is probably the best thought. Birthdays are very special to everyone. And if you have a kid you always want to surprise him/her with something special that brings extra joy and makes the day fantastic. Cartoon cakes are no wonder the best choice to surprise your kids on their special day.

Cartoon cakes are the perfect idea for a kid’s birthday

 Remember how you aggressively waited for watching Disney shows on your childhood days. Those days we have very few cartoons shows to watch on the television. Some action heroes became our idols. Now in the internet era, you can see an abundance of cartoon characters, and our children make them their “real-life hero”. Minion, Hulk, Chota Bheem, Captain America, Doraemon, Shinchan, Oggy, Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Pokemon, Ben 10, and Barbie are some super characters our kids enjoy every day.  A cartoon theme cake can create far more amusing feeling than usual. On your little one’s birthday, nothing could be better than a mouth-watering cartoon birthday for a delighted feeling. At the cake-cutting ceremony, imagine the strange expressions and happy face of your child when the little one observes the favorite cartoon character with his/her name. This joy is truly priceless.

Online cake deliveries from The Cake King bring lucrative designs and flavors in cartoon cakes. Using fresh, high-quality, and hygienic ingredients they create magic in cakes. Bakers are extremely skilled and nothing can hinder them in creating extraordinary designs and shapes. For a special custom- custom-designed cake, they are expert to bring magical effects.

Choose a trusted online cake delivery The Cake King and buy a delectable cartoon cake of your little one’s choice.

Discover different cartoon cakes online:

Doraemon Cake


Doraemon is the most popular animated character and toddlers and kids love the most to watch their favorite superhero on the television. A finely-baked Doraemon cake can be the best surprise on your little one’s birthday. It is available in various sizes, weights, and shapes. What is the desired flavor of your sweetheart? Choose an amazing Dora Cake with black forest, blueberry, butterscotch, strawberry, pineapple, or chocolate truffle flavor and experience the sheer joy on that very day

 Shinchan cake

 Shinchan and his naughtiness are loved by every child. Even sometimes we enjoy this cartoon show with our children. Remember how your kid sparks with the line of the song – “Sinchan Sinchan Payara Payara”. He/she hardly expects a delicious cake with the image of Shinchan, the favorite character of your hero/heroine. It is available in a range of sizes and flavors like vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, and butterscotch.

 Chota Bheem cake

Chota Bheem is a helpful, friendly, and kind character. Your child grows with moral values, helpfulness, and honesty, inspired by Chota Bheem. Chota Bheem Cake is a much-loved item on birthdays. 1kg, 1.5kg, and 2kg cakes are available in most online stores. Black forest, blueberry, chocolate truffle, vanilla, strawberry, and pineapple are some much-liked flavor of this piece of cake.

Cinderella cake

It is god’s best blessing that you have a baby girl. Surprise your little princess with a scrumptious Cinderella Cake. Cinderella's character is much loved by baby girls. Remember how Cinderella met her dream prince and became a happy princess ever. You will avail of this cake in exciting designs, colors, and flavors like chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, butterscotch, and black forest.


Barbie Cake

Who does not love a beautiful Barbie doll wearing a gorgeous pink gown? A dazzling and luscious Barbie cake can be your daughter’s best surprise on her special day. Online cake deliveries create lucrative designs while making cakes with this unique character. Choose the best piece and bring a delighted smile on her face. Butterscotch, black forest, strawberry, pineapple, vanilla can be your choice of flavors. Surprise your beloved princess with a delectable Barbie Cake.

Find some best cartoon cakes at The Cake King, reputed online cake delivery in Delhi, and experience an impressive range of kid’s birthday cakes online within your budget.






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