Customized Photo Cake Delivery In Delhi, Noida & Ghaziabad

If you are looking for photo cake delivery in Noida or Delhi, you can go for the reliable bakery shop and the best services of The Cake King. Get cake personalized photo cake same-day delivery in Noida, Delhi, and Ghaziabad.

Guzzling on a delicious cake on every occasion has now become a ritual that the whole world follows. Cakes are best to delight anyone's mood and the best part about cakes is that you can customize it as per your choice. If you are looking for an occasion for your loved one then the photo cake is the best choice. Explore our great range of photo cake category and order photo cake online in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gorakhpur. Each photo cake is available with unique and amazing taste so every bite of these cakes will fill the mouth with pure delight.

Cutting a picture cake on an occasion is always amazing because of the customization level it offers you. That is why The Cake King offers you to order & buy top photo cakes online, and get it delivered to your home or at your loved one's home. Photo cake or picture cake is all about amazement in looks that you can enjoy on every different occasion. In a photo cake, you can give us any picture you like to be printed on a cake, and it’s done. You can choose from a range of cake flavors. For instance, you choose vanilla flavor and send us a photograph of batman hunting for a joker, we will make a cake of vanilla flavors and print the same photograph on top of that cake. So, you will surely like to cut your cake from part of the joker first. Yeah, it’s funny, and that is what photo cakes are meant for. To spice up things a little bit, you can have any cartoon character, a superstar, your photograph, a theme, a logo, or anything you like have.

You must be thinking about, can I eat that photo on the cake for my anniversary. Absolutely yes, we print the photo using a special machine that uses eatable cream of different colors to print that image, and this cream used in printing that photograph is as delicious as cake. So, no worries about that, you can go ahead and eat as much cake as you want.

As you have seen, The Cake King offers you complete customization for your picture cake. There are many birthday photo cake, anniversary photo cake, kid's birthday photo cake, etc. You can order photo cakes for big parties like a special birthday of your child, your marriage anniversary, farewell or it could be any occasion. Get any photo of yours on the cake and bring a wow factor to your celebration. We will try our best to meet your level of expectations and deliver the best possible photo cake at your location.

You can get any photo of yours printed on the cake, it could be a couple of photos for the anniversary cake, photo of any cartoon for your kid's birthday. Kids like the cartoon so we have special kids cakes category as well as cartoon cake. Specially customized shape cakes like barbie cake, spiderman cake, minion cake, car cake, mickey mouse cake are also available. If you want any other cartoon character photo on birthday cake then you can easily get it done with The Cake King.


The Cake King is a leading online cake delivery company in Delhi. Available all flavors like Pineapple, vanilla, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Black Forest, Red Velvet, Blue Berry, and many more. We assure you for 100% fresh and yummy cake. We at The Cake king offer the same day & Midnight Delivery services.

.What is a photo cake?


Photo cakes are often used for birthday celebrations. If you've gone to a Kid's birthday party anytime in the past years, you've probably seen a customized photo cake. This type of cakes has a photograph of the guest of honor imprinted on top. They look amazing and delicious.


.How to put a photo on a cake?


Photos are printed over cakes using an Edible Paper or Sheet and Edible inks. The image or customized design will be first printed on the Edible paper using edible inks through a special machine. Then  Paper will be placed over the cake and cooled. The Cake King has experts who make these kinds of cakes.


.Are Photo Cakes Edible?

Yes, photo cakes are Edible. Edible photo print cakes are a great way of putting a picture on a cake with ease, simply select your photo to be printed on to an icing sheet, email us the image and optional personalized message, choosing from a range of fonts and colors from The Cake King to suit your cake design or ribbon.


.Is photo cake good for health?


The food colorants are 100 percent safe and food-graded. “Also, these cakes can be made very fast; you can order in the morning and get them by the afternoon. They increase the beauty of any celebration and taste delicious and amazing.



.Does The Cake King delivers photo Cakes?

Yes, The Cake King delivers photo cakes. If you are looking for photo cake delivery in Noida or Delhi, you can go for the reliable bakery shop and the best services of The Cake King. Get cake personalized photo cake same-day delivery in Noida, Delhi, and Ghaziabad.