Popular Indian Occasions for Gifting a Cake

Sep 11 , 2020


Durgesh Mishra

Popular Indian Occasions for Gifting a Cake

Gifts and occasions are a complement to each other. All major and minor occasions in India demand celebrations and celebrations are incomplete without gifts. Gifts can be anything but a gift that comes in the form of a cake makes a big difference. The cake is a sweet thing that brings happiness and makes any event look accomplished. Be it a chocolate truffle cake, a strawberry cake, a cartoon cake, a black forest choco cake, a 3-tier cake, half kg cake, a pineapple cake, a vanilla cake, or a heart designed cake, every cake product is made for a special occasion. Every cake delivers a message with its appearance, look, size, design, flavor, and style. It is just useless to think of any occasion being celebrated without a cake product. Can you think of a party where a cake is not placed on the tabletop, candles are not lit, people around are not clapping after the cake cutting ceremony.

If we look around at popular Indian occasions for gifting a cake, we can primarily divide such occasions in two different categories: Individual and national level. The former one is concerned with personal occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and congratulations. The latter one is concerned with the national level occasions that are celebrated in all parts of India with pomp and show. All-occasions cakes, anniversary cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, reception cakes, appreciation cakes, baby shower cakes, Bhai Dooj cakes, happy birthday cakes, condolence cakes, congratulation cakes, get well soon cakes, and Annaprashan cakes, etc. are the cake types that are used for special occasions that are close to the heart of all Indians.

Although Indians don’t need to have an occasion to have a bite of delicious cake, yet the value and utility of a cake are doubled when it is associated with a great occasion. As far as Indian occasions are concerned as per calendar, the following are the prime occasions when you can share and gift a cake to your near and dear ones. These occasions include:

  • New Year and Republic Day
  • Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day
  • Mothers Day, Good Friday, and Easter
  • Mothers Day, Parent’s Day, and Father’s Day
  • Friendship Day and Independence Day
  • Raksha Bandhan and Teachers Day
  • Boss’s Day and Diwali
  • Bhai Dooj, Children’s Day, and Christmas

These occasions are very common in India and people from all walks of life like to celebrate them with a cake product. If you are going to celebrate a prime occasion and are running short of ideas to garner the party ahead, all you can do is to opt for a special and designer cake from local and leading cake store The Cake King. No matter you are looking for a cake product for an individual or a national level event, online cake shop The Cake King is always ready to take things to the next level by offering you a cake product that directly effectively matches your needs.

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